Meet Our Staff

Woodland Star Administrative Personnel

Jamie Lloyd


In 2016, Mr. Lloyd’s arrived at our school with a strong background in Waldorf education. He is a California credentialed and Waldorf-trained educator and has completed a first through eighth grade teaching cycle at the Sebastopol Independent Charter School. He has also held teaching positions at SunRidge Charter School in Sebastopol and Tomales Elementary School. Most recently, Mr. Lloyd served as Lower School Coordinator at Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm in Santa Rosa, where he was involved in almost every aspect of school governance. He lives in Petaluma and has two grown children in their early 20's. Mr. Lloyd is also an avid tennis player. 


Robert Bucher

Education Director

Mr. Bucher received his BA from the Hutchins School of Liberal Arts at Sonoma State University and his Waldorf training at Highland Hall in Los Angeles. In May of 2013, Mr. Bucher graduated Woodland Star's eighth grade class which he began teaching when they were in grade 5. Mr. Bucher spent 12 years as a class teacher at the City of Lakes Waldorf School in Minneapolis where he took a class through grades 1-8.  In addition to his class teaching experience, Mr. Bucher has developed Waldorf curriculum and authored research papers on spelling and grammar approaches in independent Waldorf schools. He has traveled extensively and spent several years overseas teaching English at the elementary and high school levels. He joined Woodland Star in 2009.


Woodland Star Faculty

Kathleen Pearl

Morning Glory Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Pearl has taught at Woodland Star since 2009 as a teacher in grades 1-3 and in kindergarten. She started her Waldorf teacher training in Kelowna, BC and then completed her Waldorf teaching certification at Rudolf Steiner College, CA. She earned her B.A. and K-8 teaching credential from the University of Alaska in Anchorage.  She also trained in HANDLE and Waldorf special education through the Gradalis Institute. Prior to joining Woodland Star, Ms. Pearl was a long-time Waldorf kindergarten teacher and taught grades 1-3 at Aurora Waldorf School and taught in the public school system in Alaska. In addition, she has mentored beginning teachers. Prior to teaching, Ms Pearl was a midwife and birth educator, lived a homestead life style and commercial fished. In between work and raising a family of four children, she has traveled widely to many parts of the world.  


Cheryl Witte

​Sweet Pea Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Witte has sixteen years of teaching experience, including eleven years of elementary and kindergarten education as well as gardening and outdoor environmental education experience. In addition, Ms. Witte has experience in developing curriculum for the Waldorf main lesson, science and gardening.  She received her California State Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Dominican University, a Single Subject Preliminary Science Teaching Credential from Sonoma State University and her Waldorf training from the Center for Educational Renewal in Santa Rosa, CA.  As the parent of two young adults raised in a Waldorf charter school, Ms. Witte looks forward to being a compassionate and valuable resource for educating parents as well.


Sallie Romer

Dandelion Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Romer has been the lead Kindergarten teacher for the Dandelion Kindergarten since 2010.  Prior to that time Ms. Romer was the Kindergarten assistant in the Morning Glory Kindergarten at Woodland Star where she successfully worked with the Kindergarten staff and students. Prior to joining Woodland Star Kindergarten faculty, Ms. Romer was the lead Kindergarten teacher at Stonebridge Charter School in Napa. She comes highly qualified possessing her California teaching credential, she has completed a significant portion of her Waldorf training program and has several years of lead teaching experience. As well as being a Waldorf kindergarten teacher, Sallie is an actor, performance artist, and musician.


Sharon Williams

Grade One Teacher

Ms. Williams received her Masters in History from San Francisco State, her BA from University of Hawaii, her Waldorf teaching training from Center for Educational Renewal in Santa Rosa, CA and her teaching credential from Dominican University.  Ms. Williams began her tenure at Woodland Star in 2009 and prior to that time, worked for the several years as a substitute teacher at several area Waldorf inspired charter schools in grades 1-8.  In addition to her class teaching experience, Ms. Willliams brings a passion for drama, history, art and math.


Nicole Greaney

Grade Two Teacher

Ms. Greaney has been employed at Woodland Star since August 2017 as the Second Grade Assistant Teacher. She is deeply committed to education and has 15 yrs experience with K-12 teaching diverse populations & English Language Learners.


Tiffany Burningham

Grade Three Teacher

Tiffany came to Waldorf education via her life experiences growing up on a Biodynamic farm in the Sonoma Valley.  She describes her upbringing as idyllic and filled with memories and experiences that have strongly informed her choice of study and career as an adult.  Tiffany attended local public schools for grades K-12, received her B.A. in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Studio Art from San Francisco State and is currently enrolled in a joint Waldorf credential/Masters in Education program at Rudolf Steiner College.  To date Tiffany has completed her Waldorf training for grades 1-6.  The coursework needed to complete her Master’s degree in education will be held over until and finished up in the summer of 2016. 


Mark Quirt

Grade Four Teacher

For the past two years Mr. Quirt has been the lead teacher for a combined 5-8th grade classroom at Village charter school in Santa Rosa.  He is passionate about Waldorf education and is well known in our community having done two years as an assistant teacher with a previous middle school class.  Mr. Quirt completed his Waldorf foundation training at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA.  He received his California teaching credential from Sonoma State University and also has a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Fine Art from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.  He is an amazing artist who studied figure drawing and etching in Florence, Italy and brings his artistic talents into the classroom in wonderful and creative ways.


William Kobabe

​Grade Five Teacher

Bill is a Waldorf-trained teacher who has been a Class Teacher for five years and spent many years before that teaching Woodwork and subbing for various local Waldorf schools. He completed his teaching credential program at California State University, Monterey bay and is also a veteran Waldorf parent who has been active in his school community and has served as President of the School Board. Bill has been a member of the Institute for Public Waldorf Education since its inception and is committed to bringing Waldorf into the public realm.

Bill’s enthusiasm for Waldorf and love for children are palpable. A Sonoma State graduate in Physics, Bill also trained for a number of years as an Electrical Engineer.


Ron Liskey

Grade Six Teacher
Ron Liskey

Ron has taught in Waldorf schools for over 15 years. Before joining Woodland Star, he taught woodworking, chemistry and algebra at Stone Bridge in Napa. Before that he was class teacher for the first graduating class at River Oak in Ukiah.

He earned a BA in History and a teaching credential from Sonoma State University, a Waldorf teaching certification from the Center for Educational Renewal, and an AS in Graphic Design from SRJC. Ron also studied Fine Art, German, and Microelectronic Technology at the Volkshochschule in Böblingen, Germany.

Before becoming a teacher, Ron managed Internet development projects for some of the world's largest and smallest organizations. He also worked as a bicycle messenger, lumberyard foreman, fast order cook, migrant laborer, auto mechanic, weapons systems technician (USAF), factory equipment technician, cabinet maker, bookbinder, teacher's aide, graphic artist, conference staging manager, publications manager, youth program director, junior college instructor, oyster farmer and window washer.

He has traveled widely, and lived for many years in Europe where he became fluent in German. Ron practices the ancient art of doing far less, much better, more often. When not learning something new, he may be found doing very little somewhere around here. Ron is the happy father of two Waldorf graduates.

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Phil Stone

Grade Seven Teacher

Mr. Stone has worked at Woodland Star since 2007. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Cal State University, Los Angeles, a California Teaching Credential from Sonoma State University, and a Master of Arts in Education from Touro University of California. His Waldorf Certification was completed in 2009 at Rudolf Steiner College. He has been with his current class (class of 2019) since the first grade. His passions are healthy eating and walking.


Marianne Kennedy

Grade Eight Teacher

Marianne is a highly experienced, trained Waldorf teacher with over 35 years of teaching experience in public and private Waldorf schools as well as experience as a Spanish-bilingual teacher in New York. 

Marianne holds a multi-subject California teaching credential and earned her Masters degree in Early Childhood Education from Queens College in New York and her Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and History from Hofstra University, also in New York. Marianne did her Waldorf class teacher training at the Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner school in Sydney, Australia and for many years has taught in the Waldorf teacher training program at the Center for Educational Renewal in Santa Rosa, CA.

In addition she has mentored beginning teachers, is known for her excellent parent education events and has received numerous trainings pertaining to social inclusion, curative education, games and movement as well as painting. She is also heavily involved in the Alliance for Public Waldorf education, our professional association furthering the quality and availability of the public Waldorf charter movement. 


Teresita Landin

​Spanish teacher grades K-5, English Language Development Teacher

Ms. Landin has been working at Woodland Star for the past two years as an English Language Assistant, Resource Assistant and substitute teacher.  In addition to continuing with her EL and Resource work, she will be teaching Kindergarten and third grade Spanish.  She has been a parent in our community for the past four years and brings a deep multi-cultural understanding to her teaching and to our community. Ms. Landin earned her Bachelors degree in Science and Elementary Education from Pacific Union College in Angwin, CA.


Wendy Aguilar

Handwork Teacher Grades 1-5

Wendy Aguilar teaches Handwork in grades one through five. She earned her BFA degree from Carnegie-Mellon University, her California teaching credential from Sonoma State University, her Handwork teaching certificate from Rudolph Steiner College, and her Waldorf teaching certificate from the Center for Educational Renewal. She has taught Arts and Crafts in South Carolina and in Bay Area public middle and high schools. Ms. Aguilar also teaches the developmentally disabled at the Sonoma Developmental Center. She joined Woodland Star in 2001.


Marika Schamoni

Handwork & Sewing Teacher Grades 6-8

Ms. Schamoni has been involved in Woodland Star's handwork program for the past seven years.  She has worked in all grade levels as a substitute, handwork assistant and for the past year as the middle school handwork teacher. Ms. Schamoni is receiving her Waldorf training via an apprenticeship and training program offered by Karen Rivers. She has been an actively engaged parent in our community for the past ten years and her two children have completed grades K-8 at Woodland Star.


Stacey Tuel

Movement Education Teacher Grades 1,4-8. Gardening/writing/music teacher.

Ms. Tuel, a true renaissance woman, has been teaching at Woodland Star, in a variety of capacities, for the past two years.  She is currently teaching movement, gardening, writing and music.  She began her tenure with us as a much loved substitute teacher and happily is now on our campus in a much more regular capacity.  Ms. Tuel earned her Master's and Bachelor's degrees in English from Sonoma State University.  When not at Woodland Star she is the marketing and outreach manager for Oak Hill farm and brings her love of gardening, music, movement and writing to her work with our students.


Andy French

Woodworking Teacher Grades 6-8

Mr. French is a woodworker, furniture maker and WSS parent.


Woodland Star Office Personnel

Janis Lynne

Business Manager

Janis Lynne served as the Business Manager of the Petaluma Charter School from 1997-2004, where she also served on the Board of Trustees. She has extensive experience in managing all aspects of school finance and worked for Woodland Star in 2004-05 as a consultant before joining our administrative staff.


Susan U’Ren

Office Manager

Susan U’Ren is a graduate of Santa Rosa Junior College and worked many years in bookkeeping and business administration. Ms. U’Ren spent seven years as a licensed childcare provider before becoming a public school business and office manager in 2001.


Woodland Star Education Foundation Representatives

Heloisa Heinen

Development Director